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SQL Dependency

I was faced with the challenge of visualising object dependency in a SQL Server based project and came across this handy approach

Data Vault 101

This post is intended for those who are about to dip their toe into the world of Data Vaults. It is not intended to dissuade or persuade you in the choice of using a Data Vault (DV), there are many of those posts already and typically the stray into fundamentalism …

From Data Lake to Data Warehouse

With the advent of some new terms like Delta Lake and Lake House I thought I would put together a brief summary for my customers are who are pondering what these model/storage approaches are.

Indigenous Dialogue

To celebrate the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, I decided I would spend some time to try and understand how Terms used have changed over time

Databricks with Visual Studio Code

Continuing from my post last week about the install and configuration of Databricks Connect I am continuing with the steps required to install Visual Studio Code in which you will write commands/scripts.

Growing a better cow on a smarter farm

I had the great pleasure of visiting a friend in Northern Tasmania whose family are running a successful dairy farm in the beautiful Devonport region where the grass is green and rain plentiful.

Databricks Connect on Windows

This post takes you through setting up the Databricks Connect client on windows and is a requirement for subsequently working with a Visual Studio environment.

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