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Is Business Intelligence Still a ‘thing’? It seems so …

As an industry, like many others, we are very proficient at reinventing our selves. After all we are now in the middle of the modern data platform revolution, that followed the cloud native solutions, which followed the …

I thought I would look at one of my favorite resources for measuring trends to see if Business Intelligence is still a thing. It seems it is…

Whilst we need to remain contemporary, and on trend it might be too soon to write off BI. Now, I know that ML, AI and BI are fundamentally different and the terms imply different skills and outcomes, I think that is interesting to compare the search activity as a barometer of what we are all broadly researching and discussing.

It appears that there is life in the old dog, my opinion is that the term still succinctly encompasses what we are all about, lets see for how long.

Image by Igor Link from Pixabay

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